How To Permanently Delete Your WhatsApp Account


With over 1 billion users, WhatsApp has now become a lifeline in the technology world. When it comes to instant messaging, the WhatsApp messenger has become the number one choice for every user. Not only texts, with WhatsApp you can easily share videos, music, photographs and much more.

With Whatsapp app, you're constantly in touch with your loved ones and with the voice and video call feature, it's now even more easier to reach out to people. However, everything has its price though.

With all these features which comes with the WhatsApp free app, some people find it annoying too. With all those unwanted voice calls and WhatsApp group messages, people sometimes feel worried.

You can easily delete WhatsApp from your phone and if you want to uninstall WhatsApp from your life, this is what you should do.

Uninstalling the app won't help because all your messages will still be coming to WhatsApp servers and once you reinstall the app, the messages will show again.

But, surely there is a way to permanently delete your WhatsApp account. Below is the process for it:

1: Go to settings

2: Tap on account

3: Click on Delete my account

4: The system will ask you to enter your registered mobile number. Enter that number and tap on delete my account

5: It confirm your region and your reason for quitting. Tap on delete my account and you're done. Your WhatsApp account is deleted now.

Now to access again, you'll need to download a new version of WhatsApp.

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