Team Building: 4 Things People Look For In Their Leader

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While it can be a little difficult to become a great leader, practicing good leadership is actually easy. There can be a chance where people might overthink and over-react about the concept of leadership, team building is actually easy. Also, this way you'll also be able to improve your team handling skills.

A good team leader will always engage himself and his teams in team building exercises which will help him developing a strong team.

I've personally worked with teams all over the world, dozens of clients coming from different cultures, different backgrounds, and I found out that the things listed below are essential to turn you into a great team leader and foster team building within your organisation.

Check out the 4 things people look for in their leader:

#1: Clear direction

One of the most important thing people look for in their leader is his ability to give clear directions. This is essential if you want to effectively achieve objectives. Give clear directions to your teams. Tell them what the objectives and goals are.

Working together as a team needs a lot of focus and strategic approaches. Lack of clarity can lead to confusion, frustration, fights and disengagement. Sometimes a clear direction is all your team needs.

#2: Space

If you're leading a team, give them the required space to work on. Provide support, but don't micro manage them. Micro-management can lead to frustration which can demotivate them. Micro managing is not good for your team and for you too. Your job is to work as a teambuilder. Micro management might just ruin everything.

Nobody likes to work for a leader who likes to micro manage everything and if that becomes your reputation, good people will start switching their jobs which will cause both the recruitment and retention issues for your company.

A good take can be keeping in touch with your teams, what they're doing and providing them with the necessary solutions when needed.

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#3: Support

Your team does the maximum work for your company and with your effective leadership skills it's your job to provide them with everything they need to be successful. When you setup a team, most of them will accept the opportunities with both the hands and be successful.

Leadership is all about building successful teams and serving them, not being served by them.

#4: Praise

Positive or constructive feedback in my opinion is the best way to build successful teams. I feel amazed after seeing managers and leaders not praising their employees the way they should. When you're a leader, you should create a culture of recognition.

Nobody will become instantly successful. So you need to develop a culture where you praise them for trying and putting in their effort. If you wait till your team achieve success, then you might have to wait for long.

Apart from these, organise team building activities for your employees which will help your organisation in creating effective teams. You can trust team building activities as they're dedicated at building strong teams.

If you want your teams to show great results, you should always practice these 4 key things. Just keep motivating and inspiring your teams and they will take care of your business.

Did I miss out something? Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.
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