50 Interesting Ideas For A Website

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Wondering on what topic your next website will be? Well, let me tell you something. You can create a website on possibly any topic if you're passionate about it. So after researching close to 200+ people in person, on telephone calls and via emails, I've made a list of 50 most interesting ideas to create a website on.

Now if you're looking for an idea to create a website, browse down to the list of these 50 ideas and choose one if you like to.

50 Interesting Website Ideas

#1: Adventure blog: Create an adventure blog and document all your trips like paragliding, skiing, trekking, rock climbing, underwater diving and much more!

#2: Your company's blog: Create a blog for your company and start promoting it via social media.

#3: Personal blog: For fun, you can document everything and anything about your life in your personal blog.

#4: Online portfolio: Create an online portfolio and show your skills to the world. Later on, you can land up clients through your portfolio website.

#5: Game development blog: Create a website about the Gaming industry. What goes into developing a game and write about the latest and upcoming games. This way you will attract highly targeted users to your website.

#6: A How-To blog: A blog where you show people how to do something.

#7: Video game website: Upload a video of your gameplay, upload it to your website and grow a following through YouTube.

#8: Dancing website: Talk about your dance moves, share videos and create a loyal fan-base.

#9: Weight loss blog: Record yourself loose some weight, record it and share tips.

#10: Wedding couple site: Dedicate a website on someone special in your life and share memories.

#11: Best of everything website: Write the best of everything online.

#12: Cheet sheet blog: Create a blog about teaching people to pass an exam.

#13: Polls and survey website: Create a poll website and record the reactions of people.

#14: Product and service comparison: Create a website and compare two different products suggesting the best one.

#15: Company history website: Create a website about company's history and how they became so big.

#16: Troubleshooting website: Create a website and share troubleshooting tips on it.

#17: Donation website: Create an interesting story and ask people to donate money.

#18: Play the guitar website: Create a site and share how-to's, videos and tutorials on how to play the guitar.

#19: Stamp collecting website: Show off images of old and rare stamps online.

#20: Movie review blog: Create a site about reviewing movies and give your ratings.

#21: Political website: Share political news and your views on this website.

#22: Gardening website: Create a website and share gardening do's and don'ts.

#23: Foodie blog: Create a site and share food tips, recipes and interesting photographs.

#24: Top 100's blog: Create a website and share top 100 things under every subject.

#25: Fishing website: Create a site about how to fish near your area. Share cool tips and tricks.

#26: Compilation blog: Compile a list about something interesting and share that via a website.

#27: Cat website: Create a website and share interesting tips about cats, their behaviour and everything related to them. Their food, their habits - everything.

#28: Online marketing blog: Create a website and share online marketing tips on it. If you're a digital marketer, it can actually help you establish yourself as an authority.

#29: Dating tips website: Create a website and share tips on dating. How to impress a girl or a boy.

#30: Meme site: Create a site and share funny memes on it.

#31: FanFiction blog: Create a website and share fan made stories on your favourite movies, books and games.

#32: Funny website: How about creating a website with all your funny vines, YouTube videos.

#33: Sports blog: Create a site and share latest sports news on it. Talk about your favourite team and players.

#34: Online web store: Create an online web store and start selling stuff online.

#35: Zombie website: All about zombies. Zombies shows, books, movies, games, everything.

#36: Family tree website: Create an online family tree of your family and share it with everyone.

#37: Quotes website: Create and share original quotes online on your website.

#38: News website: Create a website and share latest news on it.

#39: Meditation website: Where you will share your own meditation videos with a blog section sharing tips and tricks to relax your mind.

#40: Color blindness website: Create a website which tests your colour blindness.

#41: Confession website: Create a WordPress powered forum and let people share their confessions online.

#42: Cake-pop site: Create a site which shares cake-pop and make money online by selling your cookbook.

#43: How to gain weight: Share tips on how to gain weight. Share what to eat and what not to.

#44: How to lose weight: Share tips on losing weight. Suggest eating the right foods and foods one should avoid.

#45: Research blog: Create a site and share a well researched story on it. Ask people to comment on it and foster a following for your blog this way.

#46: Travel blog: Create a site and share best places to visit in the world, document interesting encounters with people, share travel tips related to packing and make the most out of your recent trip.

#47: Photo bombing: Create a website about you photo bombing and share it with people.

#48: Hiking blog: Create a site about hiking and share tips on hiking, what hiking gear you should buy and what places you should visit.

#49: Save the world: Create a site about saving the world and share tips about it.

#50: MLM website: Become an MLM guru and hire people online through your marketing funnel.

Like I said, their are possibly billion website ideas over there. Even the silliest ideas can turn out to be great businesses. You just have to keep looking what you're passionate about.

Feel free to share what you think about this post. Care to share some ideas in the comments section below. 
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