7 Best Books For Entrepreneurs

books for entrepreneurs

Finding best books for entrepreneurs is important because every established and potential entrepreneur needs an active reading list for all the inspiration and let's be honest books are one of the best sources for acquiring new skills and knowledge. Even the best YouTube content and podcasts cannot match the wealth of information found in books.

The challenge however is to find the right books to read. The idea here is to not only find a resource which will inspire you to aim high but also guides you through the process.

From business best practices to personal development, here are 7 best books for entrepreneurs:

#1: All In

Author: Bill Green

You won't hear many entrepreneurs saying that their career started in a flea market. Serious entrepreneur Bill Green shares over 101 key business insights pulled from over 40+ years of business experience.

For a potential entrepreneur it's a great resource to understand what it takes to be a startup founder to a CEO of a big company. This will inspire you think that even the CEO of a company worked as a paper boy and a door-to-door salesman.

This book shares his 100% commitment to his venture and the level of persistence and dedication it takes to become successful.

#2: Tools of Titans

Author: Tim Ferriss

Tools of Titans is covers years and years of interviews put together and compiled into a book of excellence. Ranging from financial advice, morning routines to actionable tips to take care of your body and mind.

According to Tim Ferriss, his book is an actionable resource to focus on tasks that matters the most.

#3: Idea to Execution

Author: Ari Meisel and Nick Sonnenberg

We're living in an imaginative future and virtual assistants are not far away from reality. In fact, they're becoming more active in day to day activities in building of a business from scratch.

Authors Ari Meisel and Nick Sonnenberg follows the process of Optimze, Automate and Outsource. Idea to Execution covers the process of creating a profitable virtual assistant company.

#4: Unshakeable

Author: Tony Robbins

When you're looking for actionable financial advice, look no further than the guru himself - Tony Robbins. Unshakeable is 'best-of-best.'

It pulls brains of the top financial experts around the globe and compiles into a playful handbook of financial freedom. For any entrepreneur or an individual who is looking for managing the financials of their life or a industry expert looking to hone his financial skills, Unshakeable is a must-read for all of them.

#5: Grit

Author: Angela Duckworth

According to the author Angela Duckworth, 'Grit' is the quality that separates the talented from the successful. Grit is a quality that every entrepreneur should have.

No matter if you're an athlete, business owner, teacher, student - you should focus less on talent and consider the combination of passion and grit. This book covers what it takes to inculcate this rare quality in your personality.

#6: Be Obsessed or Be Average

Author: Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone has invested heavily in creating his personal brand and now uses it to motivate and inspire people. In his book, Be Obsessed or Be Average, his message to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple. You set big goals and works towards them day in and day out or you do nothing at all.

He suggests people to leverage their finances instead of spending them frivolously and turn people's doubts and negativity to fuel your fire of success.

#7: Big Magic

Author: Elizabeth Gilbert

The creative process can be confusing at times and that's the only reason only few people have the courage to nurture their creative thinking.

In Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert aims to share her take on the creative process and how to understand 'inspiration'

From changes in attitude to daily habits, this book is about how to keep you creative thinking alive and keep the creative juices flowing.

Final words

These best books for entrepreneurs aims at sharing actionable tips, insights and advice to help understand the process of creating a business and what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Have you read any of these books? Feel free to share your thoughts add your recommendations in the comments section below
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