Make Money Playing Video Games: 3 Ways To Make Money on Twitch

make money on twitch

Yep, you heard that right. You can earn money from playing video games. When I played games in 90's, I never thought that I could get get paid from playing my favourite video games.

With the video streaming platform called Twitch, you can validate your gaming skills and can earn money.

Here's how you to make money on Twitch.

#1: You can ask for donations

As soon as you make an account on Steam, you can include a donation button on you channel to make people through some cash your way. Donations you receive can range between $1 to $1000. It really depends on the person who is donating money to you.

Some Twitch streamers have received large donations on their channel. The best part here is, you don't have to pay for a premium Twitch subscription. Anyone can add a donation button on their channel and start receiving donations.

#2: Collect subscribers

Another way of making money using Twitch is through collecting subscribers interested in watching your gameplay. Improving your level takes a bit of work, but it's totally worth it when you know you're gonna get paid from Twitch.

Once you've garnered a following - let's say around 400 subscribers, you can apply for the Twitch partner program at no additional cost. You have to become a partner with Twitch if you want to earn money from your subscribers.

And it's illustrious 'subscribe' button will make it even easier for people to subscribe to your channel. For each subscriber you earn, Twitch will pay you $2.5 monthly.

You don't even have to be a pro when making money. Just need to be entertaining and know how to market yourself using social media. Once you have a steady subscriber flow, you can easily make money.

Try setting up a YouTube channel where your potential followers will watch your videos and get to know about you before subscribing to your channel.

The most successful Twitch streamers, know how to express gratitude to their subscribers and interact with their viewers.

#3: Earn via advertisements

Nobody likes to see ads online but that's how the Internet works.

If you're a Twitch Partner and have subscriber base, you can start earning ad revenue. Your channel will easily bring in about $150 to $250 per month.

While the popularity and earnings of your channel may vary, it's proven now that video game streaming can be a full time job. Once you're popular on these platforms, you even get the exposure to compete in online tournaments.

Here's how you can start with Twitch.

1: You should be at least 13 years old to create an account. Sign up using your personal details like name, birthday and email or simply sign up using your Facebook account.

2: Download a broadcasting software compatible with Twitch

To stream from a laptop or PC, simply click on the 'Stream Key' link on your dashboard to get a personalised key. Copy paste that key into the broadcasting software. Follow these instructions if you're using PS4 and these instructions if you're using Xbox One.

3: If you want people to see and hear you while you record your gameplay, you will need to invest in a video capture equipment and a microphone to get the job done.

In my humble opinion, Roxio Game Capture is a great tool to capture your gaming videos and upload them on the Internet. For voice, I would recommend Zalman Zm-Mic1.

4: Setup a PayPal account to get the payments.

5: Connect your Twitch account if you already have Amazon Prime membership. Twitch is owned by Amazon and recently they shared an update that you get Twitch Prime membership for free if you're a Amazon Prime subscription holder.

Note: Twitch Prime is not available in Mexico, India, Japan, China and embargoed territories

Twitch Prime comes with zero ads, amazing discounts and more exciting stuff gamers would crave for.

Over to you

Are you a video game streamer on Twitch? Are you making any money out of it yet? Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.
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