7 Marketing Strategies To Increase Online Sales

how to increase online sales

When you're in the business of selling, you should learn to make decision backed up by solid data. You should train your mind to test everything and not make decisions on mere assumptions.

I'm saying this because over these years in digital marketing, I've realised that you just cannot figure out what marketing strategy will work for you until you test it.

Testing make you believe that even your top-performing strategies to increase online sales needs some tinkering. The bottom line is, only testing is the best way to figure out what's working for your business and what's not.

And when you follow one of these marketing strategies listed below, your online sales will see an improvement.

Strategy #1: Offer just one product on your homepage

I'd strongly recommend you to test whether this strategy is working for you or not. In one of my start-ups I've found that when you're offering less products on your homepage with more copy to describe those products always converts in more sales.

Offering a large number of products on your homepage might sound something to drool over, but it might confuse your customer. Try to keep the products on your home at the minimum and related to a single category. It's all about focus. You can convert your customers well if you try to offer a single proposition on your homepage.

Strategy #2: Re-position your opt-in's and try new places across your website to build a solid list of loyal customers

Email marketing is one the best ways to increase online sales. Your opt-ins will help you capture important contact information about your customers which you can use in future to re-market your products. But do you know at what places you will get maximum amount of email subscribers?

Well again, you have to test in order to find out. If your homepage doesn't offer long sales letters, then you should place your opt-in at one of the most prominent positions on your website. The top left corner where the user attention is often drawn first.

If you offer long sales letters, then you can consider including your opt-ins in between the content copy and see whether it works out for you.

You should also try other potential positions as well and see whether people are able to subscribe or not. Also keep looking for more opportunities which could help you boost your email subscriber base.

Strategy #3: Use hover ads to leave a solid impact on your promotions

I'm assuming that you're familiar with pop-ups. They are small windows popping out on the webpages when someone visits your website. Love them or hate them, pop-ups are one of the best marketing tools to increase online sales.

However, companies like Google, AOL, Yahoo made changes in their algorithms to penalise sites offering showing pop-ups unnecessarily. Sure people on Internet should be able to choose whether they want to see pop-ups on a website or not. These idea of blocking pop-ups made users loose valuable information which could benefit them.

But there's another strategy to this. Yes, we're talking about hover ads. Hover ads aren't like pop-up so they don't get blocked by any software.

In-fact when we ran a test on a client's website, their sales increased by 67%. Hover ads converts so well because they aim at putting valuable information right in front of your targeted users which results in more sales.

Strategy #4: Focus on your site visitors

The most effective sales copy of often targeted towards the reader and not the company. But often, businesses ignore this simple yet effective rule of marketing. Try giving a look to your sales copy and see what kind of language you're using. Are you using 'I' and 'We' to much or not.

Well, if you're using it, then it's time now to replace those words with 'You' and 'Yours'. Your copy should focus the product benefits to the end consumer. 

Strategy #5: Add high quality images to make your product more desirable

Adding product images to a product page makes it more tangible and real. Adding images to the product pages is also a powerful sales tool too. But showing the product too early in the sales process can kill that sale. You should share the benefits and value of your products before making a sales pitch.

Try various places to add product images and see what place help you secure more conversions. You should also place some images in the order page and see whether it converts or not. In order to increase online sales, you should measure it and make changes accordingly.

Strategy #6: Remove 'Buying References' from the top fold (if any)

People usually go to a website to learn more about a product. This is because he's currently in the consideration phase. If you start selling your product as soon as he lands on your website, you might loose that customer before he even makes his first purchase.

The best place to ask for buying your product is at the end of the sales letter. It will convert well because when a user understands how a product will help him, he might be able to make a calculative decision about buying that product.

Strategy #7: Fine tune your follow-up process

Finally, let's talk about fine tuning your follow-up process. The best ways to bring repeated visits to your website is to boast a solid follow-up process. Customers expect more from a company after making a purchase.

Following up with your customers through auto responding emails can help you generate more sales after a user visits your website.

If a person has not made a purchase from you, you can always create an offer and ask for a sale. Make sure you send an instant follow-up mail when someone subscribes to your list and a follow-up mail after 2 days when he makes a purchase.

However, you can always test various techniques of sending follow-up mails and see what is working best. Following up with customers is an important practice. In-fact around 31% people are willing to make another purchase if given a chance.

You need to figure out yourself what techniques are generating more repeat business for you and then apply them.

The benefits of testing

Testing different marketing approaches on your website gives you the exact data about what efforts are directly influencing online sales. Split testing allows you to divide your customer in two groups and apply different marketing practices to see the results.

Split testing is an ideal business strategy for any business looking to increase their online sales. These results will help you make better decision no matter what amount of traffic your website gets.

Do you own an online business? What approaches do you follow to increase online sales? Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section below.
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