Get fast Google AdSense approval using this little hack


Note: This method is no longer working in 2018 as the AdSense policies have become very strict.

There are a countless number of articles which teaches you to make money online with Google AdSense but there are very few resources which talk about getting an AdSense approval for a Blogspot blog because for a Blogspot blogger, getting AdSense approval is very difficult.

You must be thinking that your blog must be at least 6 months old in order to get accepted to Google AdSense program. However, that is not the case. If you have created a quality website, getting AdSense approval is very easy.

But for some odd reasons, AdSense doesn't favor Blogspot blogger though both the products are from Google, they just won't bend their policies, which is good.

One of the major issues with Blogspot bloggers is page type and to bypass that issue, you can grab a custom domain name for your website. You can use services like Godaddy or Namecheap to buy a domain name for as low as $3 per year.

Getting Google AdSense approval for Blogspot blog

1: Buy a custom domain name for your blog
2: Create a professional looking email address using Google Apps
3: Add important pages like Privacy Policy, About Us, Contact Us and Terms of Service
4: Have at least 10-15 posts published on your blog
5: Make sure your blog is not using any copyrighted images on your blog. Using copyrighted material is against Google AdSense policies
6: Make sure your blog has a clean design and navigation
7: Sign up for AdSense and have fun!

Don't worry if they still reject you. One of my blogs got AdSense approval after 6 attempts. So don't give up. Keep on creating awesome content and keep trying and if you still don't get accepted from Google AdSense team, you can consider other options to make money online without AdSense.
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