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About Us

-  What Akshay Chugh's Blog is All About  -

If you ever thought of where to look for some actionable advice for your business that will actually fetch you results, you're in the right place.

Akshay Chugh's Blog is where professional and aspiring marketers turn for marketing advice that actually generates results.

-  How Akshay Chugh's Blog Helps You Get Higher Rankings and More Traffic  -

Most online marketers would say that to succeed in online marketing you will need to create great content. It's not that easy...

I learned the hard way that it takes just more than great content to generate results in online marketing space and that's where Akshay Chugh's Blog comes in!

It's the place where you will get actionable tips, tricks, and strategies which help you get higher rankings and fetch results. No 'fluff' or 'high-level talks', just plain tips which will help you succeed.

-  About Akshay Chugh  -

Akshay Chugh's Blog was founded by Akshay Chugh, a digital marketing strategist currently settled in New Delhi, India.

After failing with his 4 blogs, he finally struck gold with this blog where he shares what he learned along the way. 
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